Sarah Hurley

"Jaime is the type of person that genuinely wants to help people. Not only does she encourage me daily with motivation for fitness and health, but she leads by example. She lives a healthy life and wants to help other people live healthy lives physically and mentally. She encourages people to better themselves from the inside out by being true to themselves and living up to their full potential. Joining one of her confidence groups helped me tremendously break out of my shell, and take care of myself in order to take care of my family."

Lisa Lyman

"While seeking motivation to achieve my personal goals, Jaime knew exactly how to encourage me, push me, entertain me and most importantly distract me from negative energy that would obstruct me from obtaining my goals. She helped me understand the importance of mental wellness and how it plays into creating a healthy lifestyle.  When I was able to grasp the understanding of my new life being a lifestyle and not a diet, I was able to fully embrace everything that Jaime was explaining to me.  Jaime is not only a great motivator and coach, but she has become an amazing friend that I am glad to have by my side throughout my own personal journey."


Beth Hahn

"Jaime Messina has definitely helped me to shape my life, not just physically but mentally as well! Her incredible passion for what she does comes through daily in her consistent motivation! She's encouraging and inspirational, innovative and dedicated and unknowingly has pushed me beyond what I thought I could accomplish! I'm thrilled with the fitness and nutrition that have seamlessly become a daily part of my life now! Jaime has been there every step of the way, and I can't imagine a better coach! She walks the walk, and it pushes me to continue going even on my weakest days"